Petits Meurtres?

I watched Alan Arkin’s Little Murders the other night. It’s an interesting film in its own right, but the experience was furthered upon my learning of the near-involvement of Jean-Luc Godard, after the film’s producer-star Elliott Gould expressed in an interest in the French filmmaker directing the film. 

Godard and the producers didn’t see eye to eye, and it didn’t happen, but there remains strains of Godard in the production. In fact, I remarked upon seeing the film that “It might be the closest an American movie has reminded me of Godard’s Weekend”. Richard Brody wrote briefly on the almost-ran. 

Jules Feiffer, the American satirist on whose play the Arkin film is based, would go on to collaborate with Godard’s contemporary Alain Resnais in 1989’s I Want To Go Home.

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