Xavier Legrand’s Jusqu’à la garde Opens This Week.

Xavier Legrand’s Just Before Losing Everything is a very special short film. Indeed, when sitting on the jury of the Leeds Film Festival some years ago my fellow jurors and I named it the best short of the festival, and awarded it the event’s Prix Louis Le Prince.

Legrand, who, prior to directing, made a name for himself as an actor, makes his feature-length debut in UK cinemas this week with Custody (Jusqu’à la garde), which is actually a follow-up to the earlier short film, and follows the fallout of the events of Just Before Losing Everything. Those of us that have seen the film will know that Just Before Losing Everything ends on an ambiguous note, so it’s interesting that Legrand chose to open that up explore those ideas once again. Unfortunately it remains quite difficult to see the short online, but a clip stands below.

Custody won the Silver Lion at last year’s Venice, a good omen if ever there was one. 

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