The Beginning Of The End Of The Year In Film.

The annual run of end-of-year polls is amongst us, with both Sight & Sound and Cahiers du cinéma yesterday revealing their top tens of 2017. I’m proud to have been invited to participate in the Sight & Sound poll for the first time, an honour which coincides with my latest article on French cinema for the magazine (more on that later). The Sight & Sound poll can be found here, while Cahiers du cinéma is below (it’s not online yet).


My own top five was produced prior to seeing Get Out and Good Time last week, which was too late for the deadline for selection, so please forgive me if my eventual personal end-of-year list looks a little different. Conditions of eligibility were quite complex, and can be found here.

My Sight & Sound ballot.

1. Twin Peaks: The Return. David Lynch (US)

2. Personal Shopper. Olivier Assayas (FRANCE)

3. The Graduation. Claire Simon (FRANCE)

4. Meyerowitz Stories. Noah Baumbach (US)

5. Slack Bay. Bruno Dumont (France)



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